Pulses and Lentils

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious source of plant-based protein, look no further than our selection of pulses and lentils. Our products are carefully sorted and hand-picked to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. Golden Bite kitchen ingredients are unadulterated and economical, giving you the best value for your money. Try them today and taste the difference.

Choose wisely, live healthy

Pulses and lentils are great sources of healthy plant-based protein. Its low in fat and rich in fiber. Explore our carefully curated selection of pulses and lentils, each embodying the essence of Golden Bite’s commitment to quality and authenticity. From the finest daal chana to the rich flavor of daal maash, our range covers every culinary need. Our pulses and lentils are high-quality sorted and hand-picked pulses and lentils Lahore, giving you the best taste and nutrition. Try our economical unadulterated Golden Bite kitchen ingredients today and taste the difference.

Our pulses and lentils include:

  • Daal Chana
  • Daal Moung (Washed)
  • Daal Moung (Chilka)
  • Daal Moung (Sabut)
  • Daal Maash (Washed)
  • Daal Maash (Chilka)
  • Sabut Masar-Farmi
  • Sabut Masar-Desi
  • White Chana
  • Black Chana Supreme Quality
  • White Chana 8mm
  • Red Lobia VIP Capsule
  • White Lobiya
Golden Bite - All Pulses and Lentils


All-Natural Goodness.

Fresh & Healthy

Vibrant, Vital, Vitality.

Unique Flavors

Flavors That Dazzle.


You can choose to eat well, live well and be well with our healthy range of products. Choose health, choose us! 

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