Grains (Flour and Rice)

At Golden Bite, we cater to the diverse needs of our clients who are looking for high-quality flour for various purposes. Our flour is made from the finest grains and processed with the stone ground milling technique. It is natural, pure, and free from any adulteration or artificial additives. We also offer premium quality steam rice that has extra long grains and a delicious taste. Golden Bite is your one-stop shop for all your flour and rice needs.

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Our products are specifically made in accordance to the quality requirements of our clients ranging from manufacturers of biscuits, pasta, cakes, confectionary industry, bread & bakery products, pizza and others house hold and consumer segments.

Our range of flour includes:

  • Whole Wheat Flour (Stone Ground) (Pathher chakki atta)
  • Barley Flour (Jow ka atta)
  • Gram Flour (Besan)
  • Corn Flour (Makai ka atta)
  • Rice Flour (Chawal ka atta)
  • Maida Flour
  • Semolina (Suji)

We only deal in on quality of rice:

  • Kainat 1121 Extra Long Premium Quality Steam Rice

Our Whole Wheat Flour includes all of the components that are present in wheat grain. The stone ground milling process is they key factor in the preparation of this flour and is considered an effective way to reduce the detrimental effects of bran and germ on end-use products.


All-Natural Goodness.

Fresh & Healthy

Vibrant, Vital, Vitality.

Unique Flavors

Flavors That Dazzle.


You can choose to eat well, live well and be well with our healthy range of products. Choose health, choose us! 

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