About Us

Welcome to Golden Bite, your ultimate destination for premium staple food groceries and kitchen ingredients. As a brand owned by Al Azaan Foods, we take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality products that have been making kitchens across Lahore come alive since our launch in 2020, soon to launch in other cities of Punjab.

We Have One Goal

Our Vision

At Golden Bite, we have a clear vision – to become the number one staple grocery brand in every kitchen. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and taste is unwavering.

Uncompromising Quality

Our journey starts with sourcing the finest grains and spices directly from the source. This ensures that every product bearing the Golden Bite name is a testament to hygiene, cleanliness, and essential food safety protocols.

Diverse Range

Explore our extensive assortment of pantry essentials, from stone-ground whole wheat, barley, and corn grain flours and porridges to wholesome pulses and lentils. Indulge in the aromatic goodness of basmati and kainat rice grain, or choose from our meticulously sorted and hand-picked pulses. Discover a world of flavors with our collection of raw and ground milled spices that bring that cherished home-made taste and aroma to your dishes. Whether you are looking for the best recipe mix in Lahore, the best authentic Pakistani spices, or the essential premium grains, pulses and spices in Lahore, you can find them all at Golden Bite.

Catering Excellence

With a foot in both the retail and industrial supplies segments, Golden Bite caters to a diverse clientage, ensuring that every need is met with exceptional products and service. We are the leading Golden Bite grains and spices retail and wholesale supplier in Lahore, offering competitive prices and economical deals.

Packaging Flexibility

We understand that your requirements vary. That’s why we offer a range of packaging sizes, from convenient pouches of 100g, 200g, 250g, and 500g to bulk packaging ranging from 1kg to 25kg (flexible upon requirements), all tailored to meet your needs.

Our Commitment

From the very heart of Lahore, we bring you the heart of your kitchen. Golden Bite is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to delivering the very best to your table. Golden Bite is the staple food brand people trust and love. We guarantee that our products are high quality natural and handpicked products in Lahore, free from any adulteration or artificial additives. We offer you the best value for your money. Try our economical Golden Bite kitchen ingredients today and taste the difference.


You can choose to eat well, live well and be well with our healthy range of products. Choose health, choose us!

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